Innovative Education Grant Recipients


Since 2015 the foundation has funded over

$44,ooo.oo in Grants

2018 Grant Recipients

Elizabeth Collier - Probe into the Future

Laura Craddick - Long Handle Spoon Cafe

Kristen Dunlap - Sphero the Coding Hero!

Jennifer Chavers - Digital Discovery

Lizzy Daniel - Wall Mounted Cargo Net

Kaley Copeland - Kids in the Kitchen

Leanne Payne - Accurate Weather

Pre K Teachers - The Playground Project

2017 Grant Recipients

Pre K Team - Ready Body Learning Minds

Rachel Bossier - Jumbo Outdoor Chess Set

Leanne Payne - Classroom Redesign: Alternative Seating for Today's Students

Lizzie Daniel - A Rock Climbing Wall

Tammy Gawryszewski - Lights, Camera, Action!

Nicole Crawford - I Spy Your Math!

Kathie Maciel - Eagle Beat Online



2016 Grant Recipients

Julie Cannon - Game of Drones

Rachel Bossier - Robots

Kristen Dunlap - Visualizing Data in Biology Lab Investigations

Laura Craddick - Long Handle Spoon

Nicole Crawford - Stand Up and Learn



2015 Grant Recipients

Rockie Heers - Robotics and Game Programming

Pre K Team - Wiggle Worms

Cindy Kirgan - Counseling Center library

Tracie Wetzel - FIS Outdoor Learning Center

Clay Sherman - Fairfield FFA Gooseneck Trailer